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Sovik Group 9 Albany St. Cazenovia New York
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Our Products: Business, Health, Life and Long Term Care Insurance
Phone: 315 655-2200

Life in a Nutshell

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      Birthday / Age

Age Last        Age Nearest
Male Female
Amount of Insurance
Payment Option
Desired Term
Guaranteed Only
Guaranteed and Non Guaranteed
Desired Length
1 yr ART   5 yr   10 yr   15 yr   20 yr  
30 yr   Guaranteed UL 
Health Class
All Non-Tobacco               All Tobacco
Preferred Best Non-Tobacco   Preferred Tobacco
Preferred Non-Tobacco           Standard Tobacco
Standard Plus Non-Tobacco
Standard Non-Tobacco
Carrier / Product
Accidental Death Benefit CR Units
Waiver of Premium Table Ratings
Return of Premium Flat Extra $   Yrs 

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Email 111-222-3333
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